Brotherhood insurgency exacerbates Yemen’s suffering.. Shabwah Defense Forces call on citizens not to leave homes

From the Sana’a bombings to Shabwah, there have been several difficult incidents that have added to the suffering of the suffering people suffering the world’s worst humanitarian catastrophe, at the hands of the Houthis, Iranians and the Brotherhood, as well as several overlapping parties.

In Shabwah, the Brotherhood, in partnership with security forces loyal to the terrorist organization, launched violent confrontations Monday at dawn in the capital Ataq, two days after the overthrow of the leader of the Brotherhood’s Special Forces, Abd Rabbu Laqab.

The Yemeni Shabwah Defense Forces called on residents of Ataq to stay indoors for hours after a Brotherhood military revolt sparked fierce clashes.

The Shabwah Defense Security Force called on Ataq residents to stay indoors for their own safety, saying conditions will continue for hours, a reference to the duration of the Brotherhood insurgency.

As she said: “The Shabwah Defense Force is inviting our dear people in the beloved city of Ataq to stay at their homes and not leave them for their own safety. These are only hours and the cloud will be exposed.”

Sources reported that clashes continued for seven hours on and off in some neighborhoods of the city and at its western and eastern entrances.

According to residents, Brotherhood militias used mortars, which are banned from residential areas indiscriminately, and rocket-propelled grenades, along with machine guns, during clashes that started in Hay al-Thaqafah before expanding to different areas.

Activists also circulated videos of a military patrol burning in the middle of the main street in the city of Ataq as plumes of smoke rose during heavy gunfire.

This came after the Brotherhood mobilized groups of pro-Brotherhood security and military units in Shabwah and attacked positions of the Shabwah Security Defense Forces and the Southern Giants, which led to the explosion of bloody confrontations that resulted in a number of deaths and injuries, including a Brotherhood leader.

These events began in Shabwah after clashes between the Laqab brothers last month and the Shabwah Defense Forces. This coincided with the man’s intensification of purchasing weapons worth millions of riyals from arms dealers and his refusal to implement the orders of the governor and the head of the security committee in field campaigns.

The Governor of Shabwah decided to arrest him at his home with the commander of the 2nd Brigade of the Shabwah Defense and assign the deputy police to lead the province’s special forces, but the latter was intercepted by the commander of the Brotherhood’s special forces camp, Ahmed Deraan, and the director of the Laqab office, and prevented him from exercising his duties. The governor of Shabwah considered this “a declaration of a military rebellion against legitimacy”, The decision was issued last Saturday, and Abed Rabbo Laqab was dismissed from his position in the special forces command under instructions from the presidential command council of the local authority to take the necessary measures to establish security. This will go beyond with groups of three military and security formations loyal to the Brotherhood to blow the situation up militarily.

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