Ghannouchi confirms the dissolution of Ennahdha. Is the era of the Brotherhood movement in Tunisia over?

The Ennahdha Movement in Tunisia is living in a bad situation. The crises of the Ennahdha Movement are the most serious since its inception, after the many popular demands to disband this terrorist movement, which raised fear within the ranks of the Brotherhood and led them to move strongly to save the organization from collapse by trying to provoke chaos and bring down the Tunisian state.

The dissolution of the Ennahdha 

Popular demands for the dissolution of the Ennahdha Muslim Brotherhood movement in Tunisia are the result of the terrorist movement’s continuous crimes against the Tunisian people, including assassinations, terrorism, looting and stealing of Tunisian people’s money during the period when the Ennahdha Movement controlled the situation in Tunisia. On the state of anxiety and panic within the Brotherhood in Tunisia, the president of the Tunisian Ennahdha Movement and the president of the dissolved parliament, Rached Ghannouchi, warned his followers, confirming that Tunisian President Kais Saied will take the decision to disband the movement in the coming days.


Dr. Oussama Aouidet, a Tunisian political analyst and leader of the Tunisian People’s Movement, said: The Muslim Brotherhood Ennahdha and all its leaders were involved in terrorist crimes, assassinations, theft and corruption, adding that the history of Ennahdha is tainted by the committing of the most heinous crimes that became a major reason for the end of that movement and the entire Brotherhood organization forever.

The Tunisian political analyst added that the Muslim Brotherhood movement will soon officially announce its dissolution, after many investigations and documents revealed what condemns this movement and its history of terrorism, which sought to bring Tunisia into many political, economic and societal crises.

Suspicious alliances

Dr. Badra Gaaloul, President of the International Center for Strategic Studies in Tunisia, said that Ennahdha has become the biggest danger in the Tunisian state’s movements at the present time, especially in light of the measures taken by the state to draft a new constitution and the successful referendum on it, followed by the preparation of a new election law followed by local and parliamentary elections, which confirms that the Tunisian state is on the right path towards the new republic. The President of the International Center for Strategic Studies added that the greatest danger is the existence of this Brotherhood movement without taking a decision to resolve it, stressing that there are new games in order to return to the scene by entering suspicious alliances.

Prosecution of corrupt people

A study by the Faros Center for Strategic Studies revealed that the Tunisian state will pursue Ennahdha symbols on charges related to corruption and embezzlement; this will place the movement in a tight spot, especially after the threats of the Muslim Brotherhood movement to enter the country into chaos.

The study confirmed that the Muslim Brotherhood’s Ennahdha Movement has worked to bring the country into a dark tunnel, and that the countries of the world will not stand for long in the face of the Tunisian events, given that they came within a constitutional framework, but will look closely at what the events will lead to.

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