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Capitol Investigation – Trump lawyer tells former aides not to cooperate

Former US President Donald Trump has asked four former advisors not to cooperate with the parliamentary committee investigating the Capitol attack.

On January 6, Trump’s supporters attacked Congress.

The Washington Post and Politico reported that former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, former Security Adviser Kash Patel, former Director of Social Media Dan Scavino, and former Adviser Steve Bannon all received a letter from the billionaire’s Republican lawyer advising them not to respond to the commission’s summons.

In his letters, Trump’s legal team said his archives and communications are protected by the executive’s powers to keep some information secret or by the professional secrecy that any lawyer has with his client.

The House commission of inquiry ordered the four men to provide documents and testify before it to determine whether the Trump administration’s actions encouraged a group of supporters to break into the Capitol to prevent the endorsement of President Joe Biden’s presidential victory.

It is unclear whether Trump can rely on professional discretion and secrecy to prevent his former advisers from testifying.

The current administration has made clear that it will partially declassify Trump-era documents to help conduct the investigation smoothly.

“Trump’s attempt to prevent his advisers from testifying could prompt the commission to take legal action to enforce the summons, which could slow the investigation.”

“The former president continues to try to block subpoenas,” Democratic Representative Adam Schiff tweeted.

Schiff added: “This time, witnesses who break the law should consider the possibility of criminal prosecutions,” he said. “Americans deserve answers and we will make sure they are given.”

Recently, tight security was imposed on the Capitol, on the eve of a demonstration in support of supporters of the former president who were detained for participating in the attack on Congress.

A high barrier was erected in the yard surrounding the building, and the police decided to close the surrounding roads for fear of abuse.

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