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Clashes and Security Breakdown in Taiz… This Is What the Muslim Brotherhood Does There

In the heart of the city of Taiz, clashes erupted between armed elements, some of whom belong to militias affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, resulting in injuries among several citizens during a stroll near the municipal pool in downtown Taiz.

According to sources cited by the Al-Mountasaf website, the clashes, insecurity, and widespread carrying of firearms among citizens have caused a state of panic among the population.

Meanwhile, at least one woman and one man were injured at the Turba market, south of Taiz, by gunfire from four military vehicles belonging to the Al-Islah party while they were pursuing wanted suspects.

A UN report and another security report revealed the involvement of Muslim Brotherhood militias in Taiz in trafficking weapons to citizens and gangs, as well as in trafficking materials used in the manufacture of explosives and missiles for terrorist Houthi militias.

The latest report from the UN Security Council’s expert group mentioned several incidents of seizures of arms shipments, ammunition, drones, and chemicals used in the manufacture of explosives and missiles, which were seized by government forces and Southern forces in recent months.

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