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Yemeni Court Pursues 10 Muslim Brotherhood Leaders… Details

Leaders in the Muslim Brotherhood militia in Taiz are facing charges related to terrorism for pressuring a judge in the western court of the province to change a ruling he issued from “blood money” to execution and its attachments, which occurred last September.

The specialized criminal prosecution office in the capital Aden has brought charges against the military governor and advisor of the Taiz axis, Abdo Farhan Al-Sharabi (Salem), and Shouqi Saeed Al-Makhlafi, the brother of the fugitive Brotherhood leader in Turkey, Hamoud Al-Makhlafi, as well as about eight others affiliated with the Brotherhood militia under the Taiz axis. They were included in the indictment decision in the same incident and its attachments, including Mohammed Hamoud Al-Tubba, Feras Mohammed Abdullah Al-Hamidi, Mohannad Ali Bin Ali Rashed, Mohammed Yahya Al-Dhalei, Aref Ghalib Saeed Al-Khazraji, Omar Adel Abdul Rahman Al-Ashbat, and Abdul Ghani Mohammed Abdul Rahman Al-Samakri, as reported by Al-Montasaf website.

The prosecution has accused the ten individuals of committing criminal offenses, including charges of murder, attempted murder, injuring civilians, terrorizing Judge Mahmoud Abdullah Al-Sabri, interfering in judicial matters, kidnapping a suspect under the custody of the prosecution from a hospital, besieging and storming the Revolution Hospital in Taiz, and preventing the treatment of the wounded.

The criminal court has requested the trial of the defendants in absentia since they are fugitives from justice and to sentence them according to the punishments prescribed by Sharia law and the law.

The specialized criminal prosecution office in Aden issued coercive arrest warrants against them, ordering them to be banned from traveling and notifying all ports in the country by land, sea, and air to arrest them and prevent any of them from leaving the country.

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