Clinton’s emails… The return of Ghannouchi will be similar to Khomeini’s return to Iran

The recently divulged letters from Hillary Clinton
have shown a lot about the plans of the Barack Obama administration
Qatar, Al-Jazeera and the Muslim Brotherhood
in the Arab region,
and it wasn’t something strange that the name of Rashid Ghannouchi was also mentioned,
the leader of the Tunisian movement Ennahda
because Washington was waiting his return to Tunisia
after the fall of the regime of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali
According to an email,
Jeffrey Feltman, Assistant Secretary of State for Middle Eastern Affairs
proposed at the time names that could be supported to achieve power in Tunisia
and he spoke of Ghannouchi’s return,
saying that it will be similar on Khomeini’s return to Iran
after the fall of the Shah’s regime in Iran in 1979
The US official reported at the time that the brothers controlled power in 2011
if the revolts known as the “Arab Spring” continued.

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