Collision of 100 Cars on a Highway in China 

Official media reported on Friday that several people were injured after more than 100 cars collided with each other following the freezing of part of a highway in the Chinese city of Suzhou, in the latest accident caused by harsh weather conditions.

According to Reuters, the traffic police in the Suzhou Industrial Park area mentioned on their WeChat account that three people were injured and transported to the hospital, while six suffered minor scratches.

Over the past few weeks, large parts of China have experienced cold weather waves, snowstorms, and freezing rain, affecting transportation at a time when millions of people usually return to their hometowns to celebrate the Lunar New Year holiday.

The official Chinese news agency Xinhua reported that the government has escalated its emergency response to freezing temperatures this week and has also initiated several plans to support transportation flow, supplies, and electricity in provinces and cities including Beijing, Hebei, Shanxi, Anhui, and Hubei.

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