Commemoration Day… Immortal Championships in Yemen

Immortal championships that history will never forget… This is what the UAE offered to Yemen when the Emiratis gave their lives carrying out their duties to their Yemeni brothers and sisters, leaving a memorable legacy.

The UAE’s martyrs set the most beautiful example of heroism and redemption throughout the country, from Aden to Abyan in the south, and from Marib and al Mukalla in the east to al Hudaydah in the west.


“When the Emiratis came to stand by the brothers in Yemen, they were not honored. They were quite brave, leading the front lines in the battles, driving tanks and heavy armor”.

According to the testimony of the Yemeni officers who accompanied them to battle, the commanders were at the forefront of the planning and execution lines, setting the finest example of sacrifice and redemption.

The first martyr

Perhaps the most important proof of this is Lieutenant Abdel Aziz al-Kaabi, whose pure blood irrigated the dust of Khormaksar governorate in the provisional capital of Aden on July 16, 2015 (27 Ramadan), honored as the first martyr of the Arab alliance in the “decisive storm” against the coup militias and the Iranian project.

Al-Kaabi’s companions spoke about his observations, confirming that he was one of the best Emirati officers and led the front lines since the battle of Ras Omran and during the first ground landing in Aden.

“The bravery of Emirati forces, which was at the forefront of the battle deploying its troops on every armored vehicle, has confounded Houthi militias, especially in the battle to liberate Aden airport”.

Honoring martyrs

In commemoration of the sacrifices of the martyrs, Yemeni President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi made a Republican decision to name a street in Aden “Al-Shaheed al-Kaabi” as a testimony to his courage and sacrifice.

His name was also given to the camp and a number of sports championships bearing his name were also held in honor of his loyalty.

In Marib, Emiratis have been martyred in the Houthis’ vicious attack on Camp Safer, and it became clear that there were interventions by the Muslim Brotherhood that contributed to the crime by sending the site’s contact information to the coup leaders.

The UAE-making also two martyrs in the Battle of the Sirwah Liberation in Marib Province, where UAE forces led the front ranks, their primary goal being to head towards Sanaa.

In Abyan province, the UAE had made three martyrs leading the front lines for its liberation (Fahem Said Ahmed Al Habsi, Jamaa Juh, and Khaled Abdallah Mohamed Al Shehhi).

In their honor, the local authorities gave their name to three high schools in the province.

The UAE also had made also martyrs in the liberation battles of Mocha from Taiz province, Al Khawkhah in Al Hudaydah province in western Yemen, and Al Mukalla.

Commemoration Day

Martyr’s Day is a national day on which the United Arab Emirates expresses its appreciation for the sacrifices of its martyrs who sacrificed their lives in defense of the homeland. It is a repayment of beauty and an opportunity to express the true interdependence between the homeland, the leadership and the people.

Sheikh Khalifa ben Zayed Al Nahyane, President of the United Arab Emirates, had decided that November 30 of every year would be a day for the martyr, in commemoration of the sacrifices, generosity and gratitude of the martyrs of the country and its righteous people, who gave their lives to keep the flag of the United Arab Emirates high, while performing their national duties at home and abroad in all civilian, military and humanitarian fields. He also decided to consider this national occasion an official holiday in the Emirates.

On this national occasion, special national ceremonies and events are held in which all State institutions, and all the people and residents of the United Arab Emirates, take part in a celebration of the values of dedication, loyalty and belonging that are instilled in the souls of the people of the Emirates who have lived in the fields of heroism, giving and duty.

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