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Despite Arrests, How Yemeni Teachers Confront Houthi Salary Theft

Yemeni teachers are facing Houthi theft of their salaries

There is no future for Yemen’s children as the Houthi militia continues to undermine education in Yemen, causing successive crises by sowing sectarian discord among students. The militia aims to completely eliminate education by disrupting its foundations, through the dismissal of teachers and non-payment of salaries.

The terrorist Houthi militia, supported by Iran, is conducting media campaigns against teachers, staff, and employees who demand their dues and salaries.

Militia Lies for Money Theft

The militia claimed that revenues from the “Hodeidah” ports are sufficient to pay the salaries of only 15% of employees. It alleged that the current demand for salaries aims to dismantle the internal front, according to their claims.

The militia also claimed that the number of civilian and military employees whose salaries have been suspended does not exceed six hundred thousand employees. This number is less than half of what was announced during the past months. The group seeks to loot money and funnel it into Houthi coffers to support terrorism.

Dismissal of Hundreds of Teachers

Media reports suggest that the Houthi terrorist militia plans to dismiss more teachers and employees in the administrative sector of education in areas under its control, in a new campaign targeting hundreds of employees. It was reported that education militia officials summoned all employees to work and adhere to their duties without salaries; otherwise, they would be dismissed and replaced, promising them that there is an agreement to pay salaries soon.

In October 2022, the Yemeni Teachers’ Union revealed that the Houthi militia intended to dismiss around 8,000 teachers out of 160,000 employees. The union stated that the dismissal measures were carried out with malicious, arbitrary, and illegal intent, mostly for political reasons in order to replace them with others loyal to the Houthis.

Yemen’s Identity Theft

Political activist Wadah bin Attia stated: “The Houthis steal employees’ salaries, they steal aid from organizations, they steal the zakat paid by traders, they steal 20% of the khums funds, they steal all resources. They steal so they and the Hashemite family can live in luxury, and they don’t care if the rest of the people even die.”

Yemeni journalist Yahya Al-Abid also questioned whether the Houthis only steal salaries or if they’ve stolen a country and are attempting to erase its identity, plunder its resources, and harm its neighbors.

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