Director of the French Center for Studies: The terrorist Muslim Brotherhood faces confusion and fear of European pursuit

Repression appears to have intensified in the Brotherhood movement around the world, particularly with the inclusion of Comoros and Paraguay in terrorist and banned groups, which increasingly threatens the terrorist group in the current period, especially given the many measures taken by Europe to contain and freeze its activities indefinitely.

Dr. Aguila Debiche, President of the French Center for Strategic Studies and Political Analysis (CSIS), says the Brotherhood terrorist group is facing confusion and fears persecution by Europe at this time, and is losing its safe havens in Europe and abroad in general.

The President of the French Center for Strategic Studies added that a ban and many European movements, such as the movements of Paraguay and the Comoros, risked jeopardizing the organization’s relations, plans, entry and influence, and that the organization’s isolation undermined its legitimacy, particularly if other States joined in.

She noted that the European Union had adopted the Law on Combating Terrorism and Extremism through new mechanisms, that several European States had strengthened measures to combat terrorism and extremism on their territory and that it had for years prohibited the activities and emblems of several terrorist organizations, including the Turkish Gray Wolves and Brothers, the Community of Sympathizers and others.

She explained that it was likely that an organization linked to these groups would suffer the same fate in all European countries, as the world had become aware of the seriousness of its role in spreading extremism and terrorism and that Europe’s action had been a first in this field, having known in advance the danger posed by the Community and having already suffered from this situation.

Egypt has played an important role in the fight against terrorism and the Brotherhood’s activities. This is the success of Egypt’s strategy and strategy against terrorism, which in recent years has alerted the world to the seriousness of the Brotherhood community and the community’s bans that follow one another, even at successive times. She stressed that the various countries of the world were in conformity with the Egyptian vision of this community and its threat to international peace and security, as well as to the security and stability of States, including Paraguay.

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