Discovery of 3,000-Year-Old Dinner

In a unique archaeological find, scientists in Cambridgeshire, England, have discovered remnants of a dinner dating back 3,000 years in a house at one of the archaeological sites.

According to CNN, the food remnants revealed what people in the Bronze Age community consumed during the 9th century BC in Britain. The ancient dinner included a pottery vessel containing a porridge made of wheat grains mixed with animal fats.

Traces of honey and deer meat were also found, indicating that those who used the dishes may have also consumed honey-glazed venison.

It also became apparent that the community kept dogs that fed on leftovers from their owners’ meals.

These discoveries are expected to change the current understanding of daily life in Britain during the 9th century BC, which also included the contents of many wooden and textile items that rarely remain in the archaeological record.

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