Doctor reveals surprise: Hemorrhoids could be symptoms of cancer

A Russian doctor specializing in digestive system diseases stated that hemorrhoids, which are difficult to treat, could be symptoms of colon cancer specifically.

Dr. Alexander Brikatchikov, a specialist in digestive system diseases, explained that cancer in its early stages does not cause pain, and the disease can appear at any age.

The magazine “Vesti.Ru” quoted the doctor as saying, “A person suffering from hemorrhoids that cannot be treated with suppositories and is accompanied by the appearance of blood should urgently undergo a colonoscopy.”

He elaborated, “Because colonoscopy allows visualization of even flat formations that do not protrude above the intestinal surface, early detection of tumors allows for disease treatment and survival for up to 5 years.”

According to the specialist, colon cancer develops slowly and internally, and some patients feel embarrassed to undergo colonoscopy. However, they are forced to undergo this examination when they experience acute intestinal obstruction, at which point surgery cannot even be performed to save their lives.

He continued, “Therefore, it is necessary to undergo an annual medical examination, especially if there are cases of colon cancer in the family,” noting that the motivating factors for colon cancer include:

The specialist concluded, “To avoid colon cancer, a person should move a lot, at least walk, and adhere to the principles of proper nutrition.”

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