Documents reveal Qatari funding for Daeich across Turkey

The involvement of Turkey and Qatar in supporting terrorist organizations
for the spread of chaos and extremism in a number of Arab countries
became visible despite continued denial from the leaders of both countries
The Swedish website Nordic Monito revealed court
documents indicating the confessions of Colonel Furat Alakush,
an official in the intelligence department of the Turkish Special Forces Command
Whi he reported that the “Lieutenant General Zekai Aksakali” who works in secret with the Turkish intelligence services
gave the order, following the failed 2016 coup
to kill General Samih Tarazi, because of his knowledge of the amount of funds available to the Erdogan government and Qatar
to purchase arms and ammunition for terrorists
in addition to the amount of money that was provided to extremists.
According to the documents, “Tarazi” has a list of names of government officials involved in smuggling oil
from Daeich State and other jihadist organizations into Syria, in addition to the profit-sharing method
He also knew how to spend the money allocated for the wars in Iraq and Syria under the supervision of Erdogan.
This information is new concrete proof of relations between Turkey and Qatar and jihadist organizations

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