Eating garlic can boost your health capital

This little magic pod with its characteristic flavor brings a touch of pep to our plates. But although easy to cook, it is still consumed in too small a dose on a daily basis. Garlic, however, contains many active substances capable of preventing the onset of many diseases… provided you eat it regularly, as explained by Dr. Hafid Halhol, nutritionist and author of several books including “The superheroes of your plate” (Éd. Larousse) and “Chocolate, from pleasure to health” published by Le Courrier du Livre.

Why do you recommend eating a lot of garlic?

Dr Hafid Halhol. This vegetable from the alliaceae family (shallot, chives, leek, etc.) is a good source of phosphorus, selenium, iron, copper and vitamin C. But as it is consumed in minute quantities, its nutritional intake is low. significant. On the other hand, the specific active ingredients it contains – in particular its sulfur compounds – have health benefits. The main one, allicin, which forms on contact with air when garlic is cut or crushed, protects the cardiovascular system in particular. Several scientific studies suggest that it lowers blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels, two important risk factors for myocardial infarction. Garlic is also distinguished by its strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory power which can slow down the development of osteoarthritis and certain cancers. It is also said to have anti-diabetic, anti-obesity and anti-allergic effects.

Have its anti-cancer properties been proven?

Garlic is part of the list of foods containing protective molecules against cancer, just like nuts or tea. A meta-analysis of 18 epidemiological studies shows that heavy garlic consumers have a 30% lower risk of colorectal cancer and around 50% lower risk of stomach cancer than people who do not eat garlic. . Other research has also shown that garlic was likely to lower the incidence of laryngeal, prostate and breast cancers. But it is important to remember that no food can – on its own – be effective enough to protect against cancer.

How to best consume it?

To fully benefit from the benefits of garlic, you must consume at least eighteen grams per week, the equivalent of about six cloves. It is much better to eat it raw or undercooked, since the enzyme necessary for the formation of allicin tends to break down in the heat. In order to preserve its antioxidant potential, it is better to add it to your dishes 15 to 20 minutes maximum before the end of cooking. The tablets based on garlic extracts are much less interesting than edible garlic because the allicin seems to be destroyed during their manufacture. People who fear having bad breath can neutralize its smell by consuming lemon, coffee, mint, parsley or even cinnamon after ingesting it.

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