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Egyptian buries his wife alive … court sentences him to death

A criminal court in El-Akbar, southern Egypt, on Wednesday sentenced the man accused of killing his wife to death and burying her alive in a hole in the house.

The man killed his wife because of a dispute between them in the village of al-Baghdadi in al-Bayadiya center, south of El-Akbar.

The incident took place in March 2020, when the head of El-Akbar’s security department received a notification from El-Akbar police station chief that the body of a housewife had been found in the Baghdadi area.

Investigations by the security services revealed that the victim’s husband, Ahmed Mohie, was behind the incident, as he buried his wife, “Najwa.M” alive in a pit because of marital disputes between them.

The accused was arrested and brought before the Public Prosecution, which ordered that he be detained pending investigation and referred to the Criminal Court in El-Akbar.

During the hearing, the execution of the accused was pronounced and, in its judgment, the Court confirmed that the accused had killed the victim with premeditation, with the intention and determination to kill her because of his suspicions about his behavior and the numerous quarrels between them.

The attacker tied his wife’s hands behind her, strangled her and took her to a pre-prepared pit (sewer) in the house and placed her there, then tied her feet and put dirt on her until she died, with the intention of killing her.

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