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Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood decided to confront the police and any opponent… a confession exposes the group’s plots

Former spokesperson of the terrorist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed Montasser, confessed in a widely circulated video from a media interview on one of the terrorist group’s platforms that in January 2013, six months before the June 30 revolution, a decision was made within the Muslim Brotherhood organization while they were still in power to authorize confrontation with the police and any opponents.

The spokesperson for the Muslim Brotherhood said that the decision was made at the organization’s level internally and externally, under the guise of “the right to protect neighborhoods,” and based on a fatwa allowing killing without sin or guarantee for the killer.

He pointed out that the organization’s rules welcomed these deadly decisions and relied on organization members, stating that the decision was not that of the deceased terrorist Mohamed Kamal but was at the level of the organization’s Consultative Council, explaining that Kamal worked on organizing and arranging this fatwa after the June 30 revolution.

He added that the organization resorted to the so-called “Consultation Council” when the quorum of the Consultative Council could not be completed, on condition that the members of the newly formed council belong to the organization’s consultation, and indeed, the administrative decision was adopted in this manner, after the adoption of the legal opinion by the Legal Body of the Muslim Brotherhood organization, and the decision was adopted by the upper administration of the terrorist organization, and the organization relied on these decisions in all events that followed January 2013.

Commenting on these dangerous confessions, Islam Al-Katatni, an expert on Islamist movements, said that we are facing a terrorist group that planned and plotted to destroy the nation, emphasizing that the terrorist group worked to form terrorist militias to threaten Egyptian state institutions before June 30, confirming that the Egyptian people and the Arab and European peoples have realized that this group is a poisoned dagger in the back of the nation and Arab homelands.

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