Erdogan intends to terrify opposition deputies by stripping their immunity


In the context of the policy recently adopted by the ruling party in Turkey
to make pressure on the opposition parties after the increase in their shares in the voters
President Erdogan continues his campaign of frightening opposition MPs in Parliament
by threatening them to strip their immunity
According to the newspaper…
the Justice and Development Party has submitted 23 requests for stripping the opposition deputies of immunity
from the Republican People’s Party and the People’s Democratic Party and the Right Party
because they were accused of the implication in business, while the opposition denies that
and alleges that the regime wants to press all political parties in the country
Last April,
the Presidency submitted notes in Parliament for stripping 30 opposition deputies of immunity
including 21 from the People’s Democratic Party
In June 28,
There were also statements for stripping 13 opposition deputies of their immunity
according to Turkish media,
The number of notes during the current legislative session has reached 1013
Erdogan use all the way to put the opposition in the country in silence situation.

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