Erdogan invests in destruction everywhere and he transfers his mercenaries to Azerbaijan

It seems that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan
not only invested in ruin in Syria and Libya,
but also passed on to Azerbaijan.
According to the Greek newspaper “Greek City Times”
American journalist “Lindsay Snell”
that she had already been kidnapped by terrorists from northern Syria supported by Ankara
that Turkey was transporting armed mercenaries from the “Al-Hamza” group of the Syria to Azerbaijan
and about 70 were in Libya.
Lindsay Snell published an audio recording of a mercenary
saying that almost 1,000 fighters will be transferred to Azerbaijan.
The “Al-Hamza” group has become one of President Erdogan’s representatives
and one of the main groups that Turkey has transferred to fight in Libya
with the Al-Wefaq government of the Muslim Brotherhood
in exchange for receiving $ 2,000 per months for each mercenary.

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