Iran and Iraq pledged to improve border cooperation and promoting trade

Iran and Iraq promised on Saturday to enhance border collaboration and promote trade between the two neighbors, which has been suffered from the coronavirus pandemic.

According to a government website, President Hassan Rouhani informed visiting Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein: We remain committed to increasing political, economic, and cultural cooperation between the two countries.

The same website reported that Hussein appealed to achieve bilateral agreements in areas including border cooperation, transportation, and trade between the two countries.

Actually, the pandemic was conducted to the close of the borders and disruptions to trade and visits by millions of pilgrims and tourists. Indeed, Iran that shares with Iraq to a long border has been the center of the virus in the Middle East however the spread has also accelerated in Iraq.

Moreover, Iran is one of the biggest trading partners with Iraq, and the two countries’ economies plunged to the crisis. Iran remains to suffer from US sanctions while the economy of Iraq has been suffered by years from wars, sanctions, and an extremist insurgency. Tehran also used to meet for denouncing the presence of the US military in the region.

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