Erdogan visit to Doha

With Erdogan’s intervention in the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan
by supporting Baku with arms and mercenaries
and by intervening in the Libyan crisis,
Turkey can no longer finance its wars outside
in the presence of the great economic crisis
due to economic failure and the fall of the lira
So, where does the financing of his war come from?
A country which is recognized for its financing of terrorism
it is Qatar, a small and rich country
The first destination of Erdogan when funds run out
Erdogan visited Doha for the second time in 3 months
to request Qatari funding for Turkish movements in the South Caucasus
indeed, Tamim does not reject a request from Erdogan
and for not to appear as a sponsor of this war
the funding came in the form of deals and investments between the two countries
and the association of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Justice and Construction Party in Libya with the Turks and Qataris
as a cover for the necessary funds to reach Erdogan

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