Erdogan’s militias and intelligence steal Kurds in northern Syria

Turkish intelligence services and affiliated militias
keep their crimes against the Kurds in northern Syria,
they carried out a large series of arrests in the Kurdish city of Mabeta on September 6
on 20 people, including women and some members of the local council
and they imposed a penalty of 1000 Turkish lira for each detained.
A Syrian Kurd from the city of Mabeta:
“We are all a project of a testimony or an arrest. You are a Kurd, so you are targeted. Anyone who participated in self-protection or used water during the days of self-government is currently considered as a criminal by the Turkish militias and intelligence services”.
Shamfront militia, Turkish army, and Erdogan’s intelligence forces
control the Kurdish city of Mabeta
and conduct assault operations on Kurdish civilian homes to inspect the indigenous population
before installing those arriving with them or to force them to leave their homes.
Besides, the Hamzat militia, which controls the close village of Darkir
are also carrying out operations to steal public and private property,
even wires and wooden poles for the telephone.

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