What’s happening in Somalia? The accusations against Hamdeen

Qatar and Somalia
Somalia here
Here too, new accusations against Hamdeen
Qatar finances and participates in the arming of anti-state mercenaries in the south of the country
and the objective is on the one hand a new Somali civil war,
and on the other hand the promotion of economic interests in the Horn of Africa
Somali website Grooy Online showed
that Qatari Ambassador to Mogadishu, Hassan bin Hamzah
is campaigning for Farmajo to obtain an extension of his power before his term ends
The same report adds that Doha wants to support state presidents for the current president’s extension plan
and that during the political dialogue resumes in the city of Tusmereib
Qatar’s intervention does not stop at this level,
as a recording published by the American New York Times
revealed Qatar’s role in the Somali bombings and the ruin of the capital, Mogadishu.
Ahmed Abdel Hadi: Somali political analyst
“We ask if Qatar is trying to implement its interests by participating in crimes, whether in the north or the south”
Somali legislative elections should take place next November.
So will Somalia live a new era away from Qatar ?

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