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Experts: Muslim Brotherhood’s Attempts to Spread Extremism in the Arabian Peninsula

Experts have confirmed that the Muslim Brotherhood‘s attempts to spread extremism in the Arabian Peninsula are being led by the Yemeni Reform Party, the political arm of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood group. This comes after Yemen has endured years of chaos created by the Brotherhood, which has supported terrorist groups and leaders to establish a presence in Yemen.

The Reform Militia in Yemen is targeting groups to form new terrorist cells to lead terrorism in the Arabian Peninsula.

The Union of the Reform Party and Terrorism

The Reform Party has not achieved any progress in its history. Instead, it has fostered terrorism and collaborated with organizations such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS in Yemen. It has supported them against the Yemeni people.

The Reform Party is the Yemeni branch of the Muslim Brotherhood organization, and it is celebrating its 33rd anniversary without any significant achievements during these years. Instead, it has fostered terrorism, contributed to the disintegration of Yemen’s unity, opposed the south, facilitated the Houthi takeover of Sanaa, and shared the state’s revenues with the General People’s Congress.

Seeking Expansion in the Arabian Peninsula

The establishment of the Yemeni Reform Party, a terrorist organization, on September 13, 1990, aimed solely at undermining and tearing apart the southern Yemeni fabric. They issued extremist fatwas against the southern people to justify their invasion and their classification as infidels. However, the Yemeni Reform Party, a terrorist organization, threatens the stability of the region, including the Gulf states, particularly Saudi Arabia and the UAE. They do this by spreading the foundations of terrorism in Yemen and approaching the Arab countries to spread terrorist groups and carry out operations that threaten countries fighting against terrorism and extremist ideologies.

Yemeni journalist Marzouq Al-Sayadi stated that the Brotherhood‘s leadership is confident that they lead the Yemeni people, and they have suspicious activities, including the admission by one of the leaders of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood that they are the “Arab Afghans” who were recruited by Ali Abdullah Saleh through the Yemeni Brotherhood, as they were connected to the leaders of Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan.

Al-Sayadi added that the invasion of the south based on extremist fatwas issued by Al-Zindani and Al-Dilami in 1994 reflects the heinous crimes committed by the Brotherhood militias, represented by the Reform Party, against the southern people.

One of the most prominent of these crimes was the issuance of extremist fatwas against the entire Yemen, the shedding of the people’s blood, their wealth, and their honor. These fatwas are still valid and serve as strong evidence of the terrorism of the Reform Party.

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