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33 years have passed since the establishment of the destructive legacy of the Muslim Brotherhood’s party in Yemen

33 years have passed since Yemen‘s devastation began, starting with the formation of a political party under the umbrella of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood. Today marks a catastrophe within the Yemeni political landscape due to the effects of actions carried out by the Brotherhood against the Yemeni people.

The Brotherhood‘s agendas, which prioritize their own interests over the national interests of the Yemeni people, continue to be a priority for the group, just as their interests are on a global scale. Their political arm, represented by the Reform Party. serves as a link for conspiracies, dubious alliances, and identity-based killings.

On this day, September 13, 1990, the Yemeni Muslim Brotherhood announced the establishment of their political platform, the “Reform Party.” which led the country into a vortex of destruction and the abyss of terrorism.

Crimes continue for the terrorist group

The crimes of the Reform Party in Yemen have persisted for decades and have been witnessed by the world through social media. Victims and civilians have shared images and videos showing their homes, cars. and properties in general being subjected to extensive destruction and random gunfire by Brotherhood elements affiliated with the Reform Party.

The ominous birth of the Reform Party in Yemen was like opening the gates of hell. especially since it came about approximately five months after the unification of North .and South Yemen. After only four years.the Brotherhood led their first campaigns of extremism. symbolized by the invasion of the south. supported by a religious fatwa from senior leaders of the terrorist organization, in the summer of 1994.

Political movement against the group

Activists in Yemen have launched a campaign on social media platforms. warning about the danger posed by the Muslim Brotherhood organization and its impact on Yemen’s stability and neighboring countries.

The activists aim to expose the terrorism of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is not limited to Yemen but has become a global threat to world peace. As the 33rd anniversary of the establishment of the Brotherhood’s arm in Yemen. the terrorist Reform Party of Yemen, is commemorated, this anniversary symbolizes the birth of a sinister entity that seeks nothing but to conspire against anyone who opposes it.

Political activist Wadah Attiya stated that the leaders of the Reform Party, led by al-Zindani, recruited children and indoctrinated them under the banners of the Islamic Caliphate. He added that the Muslim Brotherhood, with its various branches. focuses on looting wealth and forming financial empires. which they use to fund terrorism and chaos through covert means.

Activist Omar Al-Surairi emphasized that you will always find a project of the Iranian Mullahs spreading in a land where the Muslim Brotherhood’s project has not preceded it. The Muslim Brotherhood considers themselves the donkey that pulls the Rafidhi (Shiite) carriage in every time and place.

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