False assistance from Turkey to Yemen

The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency TIKA
which is a Turkish association active in Yemen
with more suspicious activities than humanitarian,
has published on its official website and its Twitter account
a false new arrival of humanitarian aid
at Aden International Airport in Yemen
and claimed that the operation was carried out as part of a project to help authorities to fight Corona.
This false new statement was well broadcast
on Turkish, Qatari and Yemeni media funded by Doha
so Aden International Airport Manager Abdul Raqeeb Al-Omari
denied the news in an official statement
criticizing the role of Turkish organizations,
and he said that the airport did not need support for organizations that resort to falsifying the facts in political agendas.
Adel Hamran, the airport’s media manager, also confirmed
that no Turkish representative provided any assistance
and according to activists, TIKA’s intention on Aden airport
is a real direction for Erdogan’s ambitions in Yemen.

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