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Finance minister of Saudi Arabia: Vision 2030 has been tried and tested

Saudi Arabia’s finance minister declared on Wednesday that the kingdom’s Vision 2030 to vary the economy away from oil has been tried and tested especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

Mohammed al-Jadaan reported that it proved to be the right plan. The economy was able actually to deal with it (the coronavirus crisis); the government was able to deal with it in a very adequate way. He also added that Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund, the Public Investment Fund, invests to enhance the private sector, including in the industrial sector.

Moreover, al-Jadaan declared on September that Saudi Arabia was starting to recover from the pandemic and related that he was cautiously optimistic. He also indicated the Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 economic reform plan as key to the Kingdom’s swift response to COVID-19.

Al-Jadaan reported that the Kingdom is stilled engaged to its role as manager of the G20 group although it being an exceptional year, and said that the organization had responded quickly and taken unprecedented actions in response to the pandemic, adding that it would remain to take a global approach because if one country is left behind, the whole world suffers.

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