Follow it… Steps to protect personal data in the digital space

 In light of rapid technological advancement, protecting personal data in the digital space has become more necessary than ever.

Individuals engage with social media platforms on a daily basis, spending a significant amount of time browsing and interacting with content and celebrities. Through artificial intelligence algorithms, these platforms analyze user behavior and tailor content accordingly to their preferences.

With the increasing importance of social media platforms in individuals’ lives, there should be a focus on protecting personal data.

Individuals should take steps to protect their personal data and minimize exposure to exploitation by these platforms.

Here are some tips for protecting personal data in the digital space:

  1. Review Privacy Settings Start by reviewing the privacy settings on your social media accounts and adjust them according to your preferences. Then, minimize the display of personal information and specify who can access it.
  2. Update Passwords Regularly change passwords and use strong, difficult-to-guess passwords. Enable two-factor authentication to add an extra layer of security to your accounts.
  3. Minimize App Permissions Review the permissions granted to third-party applications and minimize them to the necessary minimum. This helps reduce the risks of personal data exploitation by these applications.
  1. Be Cautious in Sharing Before sharing any personal information online, think twice and make sure you only share it with people you trust.
  2. Use Privacy Tools Take advantage of privacy tools available on social media platforms to control the visibility of your content and reduce the risks of unwanted access.
  3. Regularly Review Connected Apps Regularly review apps connected to your social media accounts.

You should revoke access to apps you don’t use or trust, as some apps may have been granted permissions to access your personal information or post content on your behalf.

It’s important to regularly review these permissions and revoke access to any apps you don’t consider safe or trustworthy.

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