Foods that we should stop buying from the supermarket

You have to be smart when you want to buy groceries at the supermarket
Indeed, there are some products that you should stop buying
to economize your money and also maintain your health
Thus follow these advices;
1- You must be more attending about the storage conditions and shelf life
because the label with the expiration date can be reattached
2-You must be very careful when you choose dairy products
it is better to choose products that have already tested
3-Plastic bags are not the safest packaging to keep products
4-Supermarket employees do not recommend buying bread in store packaging
5-It is not recommended by experts to buy meat with spices because it contains a lot of additives
6- Avoid vicious and shiny dates because they are a favorable environment for bacteria
7- Avoid buying mayonnaise in plastic packaging
if the walls of the packaging are not thick enough, oxygen could enter
Do you have any other advice?

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