Foods to always have in your pantry 

“Even when the outside situation is out of control, the way you eat doesn’t have to be”explains Anthony DiMarino, in a article from the review of the famous Cleveland Clinic. According to this dietician, having stocks of certain foods allows you to always eat well, even when there are external problems such as supply difficulties or shortages.

In case of shortages, make sure you have cans

Dried or canned beans are the first things to have in your pantry because they are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals, protein and they also provide a long-lasting feeling of satiety. In addition, they can be combined with many other foods in the kitchen, which is a plus, in the event of a shortage, for a varied diet.

Other great essentials to have in your cupboards: rice – preferably wild or brown -, pasta and cereals like barley. All these foods can also be the base or the accompaniment of many dishes. They are also very interesting from a nutritional point of view (vitamins, fibers, minerals). “Just make sure to choose full versionss,” says Anthony DiMarino.

Protein from fish

Side fruits and vegetables, it is also necessary to have some in advance in preserves. When you go shopping, choose those that contain less sugar. The best is to choose those where it is specified “with natural juice”. “Likewise, canned vegetables are often high in sodium, so choose those that say “low sodium” or “no added salt.”says Anthony DiMarino. It’s also a good idea to rinse your canned vegetables before cooking, to remove excess sodium.“.

On the protein side, the dietician recommends always having cans of tuna in advance. “It is an inexpensive form of good quality protein“, he clarifies. For the same reasons, frozen salmon and other fish are also good foods to have in stock.

Make your bone broth ahead

Side dishes “homemadeAnthony DiMarino also recommends making bone broth and freezing it. Thus stored, it will be edible for up to a year later and will be much better, from a nutritional point of view, than the ready-to-eat soups sold in supermarkets.

More surprisingly, peanut butter should also be part of your pantry. But be careful, you have to choose it without preservatives or other ingredients that make it a processed product. “There is likely to be very high levels of fat, lots of salt and calories, develops Anthony DiMarino. In an emergency, peanut butter can also serve as an easily accessible source of protein.“. However, it remains to be consumed in moderation because peanut butter is very caloric. Finally, for snacks, the dietician recommends natural whole grain popcorn, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, etc.

Whether it’s canned, frozen or dry foods that keep for a long time, be sure to monitor your stocks so that the expiry dates are not exceeded when you need them.

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