Foreign forces are present in Wadi Sayyidna alongside Al-Burhan 

Al-Burhan has once again hinted at the military option in the face of the Rapid Support Forces. This statement has raised eyebrows among observers, with some suggesting that if Al-Burhan had the capability for a military solution, why did he delay taking this step for several months? This is seen as an indicator that he may be willing to use military force to remain in power, regardless of the human and military losses that may result from this conflict.

In this context, Al-Burhan‘s threat of a military solution comes at a time when the Sudanese army is facing a major setback against the Rapid Support Forces, which have achieved numerous battlefield gains in multiple military incidents. It appears that Al-Burhan‘s statements about a military solution may be mere propaganda, especially since the leader of the Sudanese army faces significant difficulties in returning to Khartoum, the official headquarters of any authority in Sudan.

Al-Burhan stated, “If the Rapid Support Forces refuse peace, there is no solution other than the military option”.

This statement was made during Al-Burhan‘s address to officers and soldiers in the Wadi Sayyidna military area in Omdurman, west of the capital Khartoum, according to a statement issued by the Sudanese army.

Participation of Ukrainian and Iranian forces with Al-Burhan

It is worth mentioning that Ukrainian and Iranian forces have participated with Al-Burhan in the ongoing events in Sudan, raising questions and drawing attention to the geopolitical and economic dynamics in the region. The presence of forces from these two countries in Sudan is an indicator of external interference in the country’s internal affairs, raising concerns about national sovereignty and stability.

This foreign participation is linked to economic or political interests shared by the concerned countries and has significant effects on the political and social landscape in Sudan. The presence of these forces is likely to increase tensions within the country and could have a significant impact on the daily lives of citizens.

The Sudanese government must take decisive measures to ensure the security and stability of the country and should handle unwanted foreign interventions with caution. The government should preserve its sovereignty and refrain from allowing any foreign activity that could jeopardize national security and stability.

It is worth noting that a foreign national was observed filming Al-Burhan during his recent meeting in Wadi Sayyidna and may be of Iranian or Ukrainian nationality.

The second visit

This is the second visit of Al-Burhan to the Wadi Sayyidna area, coming from Port Sudan in the east, following his first visit on August 24 last year, after leaving the Army Command Headquarters in Khartoum for the first time since the start of the conflict with the Rapid Support Forces on April 15.

Rapid Support Forces

The Rapid Support Forces have achieved further battlefield gains in the past few days, taking control of Bilila Airport west of the capital. The army had turned it into a military airport in the ongoing conflict since last April, after it had been designated for servicing oil companies.


This progress comes shortly after the Rapid Support Forces took control of Nyala, the second-largest city in Sudan in terms of population density, adding more pressure on the army’s stance in the ongoing negotiations in Jeddah since last Sunday.

The progress made by the Rapid Support Forces on multiple fronts and strategic areas adds extra pressure on the army’s leadership. However, instead of continuing on the path of peace and making the necessary concessions for its success, Al-Burhan is going in the opposite direction by relying on the military option, a choice that could lead to a devastating defeat, especially given the army’s dwindling capabilities and its inability to withstand the Rapid Support Forces.

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