Google to bring back AI-Powered photo creation feature

Dimitris Hasapis, CEO of Google‘s DeepMind unit, announced on Monday that the company plans to relaunch the AI-powered photo creation feature in the coming weeks.

This move comes after Google temporarily halted the feature due to inaccuracies in some historical photos.

Google had begun offering the photo generation service through its multi-media AI models called Jimena earlier this month.

However, some users pointed out on social media that it produced historical images that were sometimes inaccurate.

Hasapis stated at the Mobile World Congress committee in Barcelona, “We paused this feature while we work to fix it. We hope to bring it back very soon in the coming weeks.”

He added that the tool “was not working the way we wanted it to.”

Since the launch of the popular chatbot by the startup OpenAI, GPT, in November 2022, Google has been racing to develop AI programs to compete with Microsoft-backed company’s program.

When Google launched the AI-powered chatbot, Codex, a year ago, it shared inaccurate information about planets outside the solar system Earth in a promotional video, causing its shares to plummet by about nine percent.

Google rebranded Codex to Jimena this month and introduced paid subscription plans, which users can opt for to access better thinking capabilities than the AI model.

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