Greece: Arrest of Police Officer for Marijuana Smuggling in Patrol Car

Greek authorities have reported the arrest of a police officer while on patrol in the northwest of the country for smuggling marijuana in a patrol car, according to the “Associated Press” agency.

The source explained that the suspect was arrested in the coastal town of Igoumenitsa, after a road chase with an Albanian man found aboard an unmarked police car.

A police statement indicated that a search of the car yielded 102 kilograms of marijuana.

It stated that the detained officer ignored orders from his colleagues to stop for inspection and sped off, only stopping when he lost control of the car and collided with parked vehicles.

Police also arrested a second officer who was on patrol with the suspect on Friday, but he was found in a café about 20 kilometers away.

Both suspects face drug trafficking charges.

The Igoumenitsa region is located near the border with Albania, from where large quantities of marijuana are smuggled into Greece.

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