Hassan el-Banna saw himself as the awaited caliph and leader of the Muslims… Details

Islam al-Katatni, an expert in political Islam movements, stated that since its inception, the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood declared the beginning of extremist ideology. He also mentioned that “Hassan el-Banna, the founder of the terrorist group, adopted a gradual policy. During the first ten years of its establishment, he did not openly declare the true ideology of the group, but there was a general goal which was the restoration of the caliphate.”

Al-Katatni added during his interview on the program “Hadeeth Al-Akhbar” broadcasted on “Extra News” channel: “Hassan el-Banna saw himself as the awaited caliph and the leader who represents the Muslims,” pointing out that Hasan el-Banna followed a policy of politicizing religion.

He continued: “When religion enters the field of politics, it enters into lies and falsehoods, propagated by terrorist organizations that emerged from the cloak of the Brotherhood thereafter,” pointing out that el-Banna built the popularity of the group by quoting God and the Prophet through appealing to people’s emotions.

Former leaders who defected from the group confirmed that the Brotherhood considers itself the only group that represents Islam, and anyone who separates from it is considered an infidel. They also engage in harassment against their families, especially if the departure is not smooth.

They also affirmed that the Brotherhood has reached a dangerous stage of sanctifying its symbols, considering Hassan el-Banna as the only person who understands Islam as the Prophet Muhammad did, which is a very dangerous matter being studied extensively by scholars.

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