Horrific Crime in Egypt: Young Man Sets His Fiancée on Fire

A horrific crime shook the southern Egyptian governorate of Luxor, where a young man set fire to his fiancée’s body after she decided to break off their engagement, resulting in severe disfigurement.

According to a statement from a security source to “Sky News Arabic,” the perpetrator, 27-year-old Ahmed A., took advantage of the opportunity when his fiancée was alone with her sister and mother. He sneaked into their house in the village of Qabli Qamula in Luxor, entered her room unnoticed, poured gasoline on her body, and then set her on fire.

The source confirmed that there were disputes between the perpetrator and the victim, 25-year-old Marwa A., which led to her decision to break off the engagement that took place last March. However, the young man rejected her decision and planned revenge.

The victim was taken to the hospital, where the fire caused disfigurement to her face and part of her abdomen. The locals managed to extinguish the fire that engulfed her. They also detained the perpetrator until the arrival of the police forces, who subsequently arrested him.

Detectives arrived at the scene to investigate the incident. After preliminary examination, it was revealed that the perpetrator used gasoline to carry out his crime.

An official report was filed regarding the incident, and the prosecution was notified for further investigation. The nature of the disputes between the two parties has not yet been clarified.

Egyptian media sources mentioned that “jealousy” was among the motives for the crime, citing verbal arguments between the perpetrator and his fiancée before he committed the crime.

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