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‘Houthi’s crimes will not stop unless it is placed on terrorism lists’ says Waddah bin Attiyah

Houthi threats and crimes continue to escalate today by targeting Yemen’s seaports, in an attempt to carry out Iranian plans to destroy the country’s ports and vital installations. Houthi attacks have targeted the port of al-Dabba in Hadramaut, in addition to three other operations at the ports of Rudum and Qena in neighboring Shabwah since mid-October, which have led to a halt in Yemen’s oil exports.

Houthi militia claimed responsibility for the terrorist attacks on oil ports and vowed to continue them to include oil ports, installations and ships.

American condemnation

For its part, the United States of America called on the Houthi militia to stop terrorist attacks on Yemen’s ports, confirming that its special envoy will travel to the Arab region to support peace efforts. The US State Department issued a statement saying that US special envoy Tim Linderking will travel to Oman and Saudi Arabia this week to support peace efforts in Yemen. “We remind the Houthis that Yemenis are asking for peace, not war, and to that end, we call on the Houthis to immediately cease their attacks on Yemeni ports that are disrupting the flow of much-needed supplies and aggravating suffering throughout Yemen,” the statement added.

Terrorist attacks

Meanwhile, the UN Security Council held a monthly briefing, followed by closed-door consultations, to discuss the latest military and humanitarian developments, especially the UN truce that expired in early October without renewal, after the Houthi militia refused to expand it. The UN Security Council condemned the attacks, describing them as terrorist attacks.

Terrorist militia

Houthi militias cannot be dealt with through mere international statements of condemnation alone, said Yemeni political analyst Waddah bin Attiyah. However, there must be strong international action to declare the militia a terrorist group in response to their terrorist acts and plans, which aim to impose their plans on world countries by threatening vital oil and oil facilities in order to affect the global economy.

The terrorist group is committing the most heinous crimes and violations against citizens in the south, he said, adding that crimes and violations must be dealt with with with with severe penalties, noting that the time has come to declare Houthi an international terrorist group to confront militia threats to international maritime transport, the global energy market and the region as a whole.

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