If you like “Tik tok”…be careful, and this is the data that it collects on your phone

Tik Tok, the popular Chinese application
has gained hundreds of millions of users worldwide
young and old, through short videos,
however in recent days the United States has accused it of collecting data from its users for the benefit of China.
So what data does it collect about its users?
Whatever you write
The application scans and analyzes all the information and texts that you write, send or receive,
even the messages that you delete or not, it saves them
Everything you touch on the screen
Tik Tok collects all data related to what the user touches on the screen, whether by swiping or tapping,
and the company doesn’t mention the reason
Everything on your device
It analyzes the details of your device; Model, time zone, screen resolution, operating system, application and file names
Tik Tok collects data on your contacts through the telephone guide as well as on social networks.
Your interests
It knows all your areas of interest and the subjects that interest you in order to serve you better.
Did you know all this information before?

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