In cooperation with Karaela, Mahmoud Ahmed plans for a coup in the Comoros

After that the people rejected him and didn’t vote for him in the last presidential elections, Ahmed Mahmoud prepare another plan against the Comoros, in cooperation with Qatar and Turkey.

In collaboration with Hamid Karaela, Turkey and Qatar, Ahmed Mahmoud was preparing to control the power, by planning a coup in his country, according to important sources, which also adding that Hamid Karaela and Mahmoud Ahmed, since their failure in the last presidential elections in 2019, have moved many times between Turkey and Qatar to prepare a coup against President Osman Ghazali.

The same sources declared that Karaela is currently preparing for the creation of armed groups in Comoros by trafficking weapons from Turkey for transporting them to a number of leaders of these groups, while Mahmoud is seeking for a full coordination by working in accordance with the Qatari agenda. Indeed, all travels are covered by the Qatari government, and the two men have been met confidentially during the past numerous months with Qatari and Turkish intelligence officers.

It should be noted that since their independence from France in 1975, the Comoros have experienced more than 20 coup attempts and a coup of state, and its first president, Ahmed Abdullah, did not still more than one months before being overthrown.

Although being a candidate in the previous presidential elections in Comoros, his biography and even a full definition of him has not been published, it was just its false promises that were diffused on local websites, besides to his ongoing accusations against the government.

Moreover, Mahmoud Ahmed was the candidate of Jawa’s party during the last presidential elections, but he failed to reach it, since he was one of the 13 contenders, in March 2019, that the Comorian President Ghazali Othman occupied a fourth presidential period, after winning 60.77% of the electorate’s vote by passing the best-known opposition candidate, Mahmoud Ahmed, who obtained only 14.62%.

Whereas, Mahmoud, the leading opponent, intensely rejected the result, saying: I cannot admit the results of cheating elections. From the start, I have rejected the results to be announced by the electoral commission and I call the authorities concerned to organize free and transparent elections.

On his part, lawyer Mahmoud Ahmed was the alternative candidate of the Jawa’s party, after the exclusion of the parliamentary representative Mohammed Ibrahim Sule, who is the first candidate of the party, in accordance with the decision of the Supreme Court that confirmed that his candidacy document did not contain the signature of the secretary general of the party who is in prison, but it contain just the signature of his deputy.

Maybe the failure of Mahmoud Ahmed in the elections was because of his many election promises, which required credibility and showed his ignorance of the reality about the situation in the country. In fact, he had previously promised to stop the salaries of senior officials, including the head of state, and reducing customs taxes and reforming the country’s judicial system, attacking President Ghazali for the amounts that he receives.

He also assured to restore the Fomboni accords which envisaged the rotation of power between the islands of the archipelago that constitute the Union of the Comoros, by divulging and saying: If I won the elections, I would still in office for two years, then I would pass the presidency to one of the inhabitants of the island of Anjouan. These agreements have guaranteed us security, safety and stability in the country which are invaluable. In other conversed promises, he said that if he won, he will make decisions to reform the justice system and release political prisoners and prisoners of expression who were only detained of revealing the truth.

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