Mohammed ben Zayed is a man of tolerance, generosity and humanity

The history of humanity recorded
with letters in light
of Sheikh Mohammed ben Zayed Al Nahyan
a number of historic initiatives
and humanitarian positions
that have contributed to spread the culture of tolerance and peace around the world
and treaty the ideas of extremism and militancy
With every crisis that the world faced
and in each situation faced by a friendly or brother country
Sheikh Mohammed ben Zayed Al Nahyan was present to provide aid and assistance
The world does not forget its role in supporting the document “Human brotherhood”
signed by Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb, Sheikh of Al-Azhar, president of the Council of Former Muslims,
and Pope Francis, Pope of Catholic Church
in the Emirates on February 4, 2019
History also records the UAE’s efforts to fight the Corona pandemic,
they provided aid that surpassed the strict political disputes,
affirming that they will still the right support for their brothers and friends and for all the humanity
Sheikh Mohammed ben Zayed initiate in reducing tensions between India and Pakistan
and tried to reduce conflict and heal destruction in Yemen
and contributed to the historic Riyadh Accord
that was signed by the Yemeni government and the Southern Transition Council under Saudi support on November 5
He also contributed, with Saudi Arabia
to end Africa’s longest conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea.
By making a peace agreement, he officially stops the two-decade hostility
and as Sheikh Mohammed ben Rashid said
“History is written by men and peace is made by the brave”.

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