In the footsteps of Prien, Erdogan wants to control the world

During his statements Turkish President Erdogan threatened
that Arab countries would not have a presence in the future,
a threat that clearly reflects Erdogan’s expansionist ambitions in the region
and its attempt to restore the dream of the Ottoman Empire on the cadavers of peoples
for stealing richness and dominate Arab countries
and with Qatari support,
Erdogan became the leading political promoter
of political Islamic factions and organizations
and the main supporter of armed militias
and terrorist groups
in northern Syria, Iraq and Libya.
And recently in the Caucasus region,
with his policies, Erdogan is no different from Iran
when he talks about Arab countries
because both want to revive an empire that is outdated
and deleted from the notebooks of the past without any return.
As every time, these statements are only familiar words
through which he tries to reinforce his internal balance and remain in the presidency.

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