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Intense anger grips the people of Taiz against the Muslim Brotherhood… What have they done?

Due to the numerous violations they commit against citizens, intense anger grips the people of Yemen’s Taiz province towards the Muslim Brotherhood group. Most citizens have organized electronic campaigns on social media under the title “Enough is enough.”

Not content with that, hundreds from neighboring areas gathered to condemn the latest violation committed by the group’s militias: one of their leaders kidnapped a citizen while he was leaving the mosque last Friday and tortured him to death in the Jabal Habashi area, according to the Yemeni website “Al-Omanaa”.

According to the mass mobilization statement, the victim was named Mohamed Abdeljalil Al-Rashidi, from the village of Al-Mazbar in the Adinah region. He was killed by Farouk Qassem Fadhel, a security officer with the rank of commander in the Taiz province police, and a member of the Muslim Brotherhood in the province.

It is noteworthy that at the end of September 2015, bloody battles broke out in the Yemeni city of Taiz, caused by the ongoing conflict between rival factions seeking to control the province, led by the Islah Party, the Islamic political party associated with the Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen.

The Islah Party effectively used the Taiz military axis to achieve its goals at that time, appointing its loyalists to high leadership positions. In early 2019, Islah moved to consolidate its military and political dominance in Taiz city. The battalions named after their Salafi leader, Abu Abbas, began to take control of parts of the city outside the control of the Houthis, according to the Egyptian website “Al-Bawaba”.

By mid-2020, Islah gradually expanded into the southern regions of Taiz, including the Al-Hujariyah area, forming an unofficial parallel structure of irregular military units and training camps in southern Taiz. Today, Islah largely dominates the military and security institutions in Taiz. Despite this, Taiz suffers from significant insecurity and political and psychological instability due to this group.

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