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Reopening roads reveals the false battles of the Houthis and the Brotherhood… Details

In recent hours, significant steps have been taken to reopen major roads in the provinces of Marib and Taiz, which have remained closed by local authorities for nine years. Observers believe that the Houthi militias have started working to break the siege imposed by the Governor of the Central Bank of Yemen in the main capital, Aden, in collusion with the Yemeni Muslim Brotherhood, represented by the Islah Party.

Strategic expert and military analyst Brigadier General Khalid Al-Nasi considers the claims of the Yemeni Congregation for Reform Party (Islah Party) and its forces about their confrontation with the Houthi group over the past ten years as lies and coordinated deception between the party and the group.

In a post on his “X” (formerly Twitter) page on Sunday, Brigadier General Al-Nasi stated: “Ten years of deceptive battles between the Islah Party and the Houthi group in Taiz, and in the end, it turns out that the separation between them is just a few trees. This is a natural outcome because the Islah Party, in the end, is the branch of the Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen, which is a terrorist organization that cannot engage in a real conflict with another terrorist organization, the Houthis.”

He added, according to what was reported by “Al-Ayyam” newspaper: “Since the beginning of the war with the Houthis in September 2014, it has not been proven that Islah Party elements won a single battle or liberated even one square kilometer. All their battles with the Houthis are lies, deception, and misleading.”

He continued, asserting, “Their real battles are in the south, through their control of maritime and land crossings, smuggling weapons and drugs, supporting terrorism, and leading a full-fledged battle in 2019 to take control of Aden.”

He concluded by saying, “The idea of partnership with the Islah Party is a wrong idea because it is a true face of terrorism, extremism, racism, corruption, and lies. Even if the partnership with them is outside the borders of the south, how is the situation when partnering with this terrorist group on the southern land, giving it the right to return to Aden and control the most important vital provinces in the south?!”

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