Iran behind arming Yemeni Houthi militia with missiles

The assertion of the international community is growing day by day that Iran is involved in supporting terrorist organizations. In further confirmation by the UN Security Council of Iran’s involvement in supporting the Houthi militia in Yemen, a report was presented to the UN Security Council confirming that Iran is providing the Houthis with weapons and missiles, according to a report presented by Saudi news channel Medad News, on YouTube.

Iran backs Houthi missile system

The report indicated that there is an increasing amount of evidence proving Iran’s involvement, as the UN report confirmed what the Yemeni Interior Ministry indicated that the Iranian experts are behind the Houthi missile system and is entering Yemen by smuggling fragmented missiles and installing them in Sana’a by experts.

Iranian support for militias is not limited to Houthis in Yemen

The report also said that Iran’s support for the militias is not just in Yemen, but in Iraq and Lebanon. The daily aggressive violations and practices of the Houthis in Yemen take many forms and patterns, as witnessed by local and international human rights organizations, some of which have been classified as “war crimes” because of the targeting of Civilians who are being killed, and their property is also subjected to looting and theft, with various tricks and methods.

Part of Houthi terrorism

In addition, there are cases of kidnapping and random arrests to seek ransom in light of the Houthi militias continuing their field and military escalation and the violation of international efforts and then freezing possible peaceful solutions as they seek to fill the political scene with chaos and blockage in terms of making money from the war that has spanned about six years ago and achieve economic returns and gains.

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