Iran has allowed the UN nuclear watchdog to inspect one of the two sites after a long conflict

Quarterly reports by the agency reported on Friday that Iran has permitted the UN nuclear watchdog to inspect one of the two sites that it accepted last week to allow access after a long conflict, whereas the stockpile of Tehran on enriched uranium has increased.

Indeed, one of the two reports obtained by Reuters declared that the International Atomic Energy Agency investigate one of the sites and took environmental samples there, in reference to samples that can detect traces of nuclear material that probably have been present.

One report said: The agency’s inspectors will visit the other site later in September 2020 on a date already agreed with Iran, to take environmental samples. While the other report declared that the stock of Iran of low-enriched uranium (LEU) increased by 534 kg in the most recent quarter, which is the same quantity as in the previous three months, to 2,105.4 kg.

Actually, that’s more than 10 times the 202.8 kg limit fixed by the nuclear agreement in 2015 by Iran with high powers, which Iran has been breaking after the retreat of Washington from the deal in 2018 and the re-imposition of sanctions against Tehran. However, the stockpile stills low in comparison to the big tonnes of enriched uranium that Iran had stored before the 2015 agreement.

In fact, Tehran is improving in a fissile purity of 4.5 percent, which while a 3.67 percent limit remains less than the 20 percent level that it achieved above the deal, which is 90 percent purity that is considered weapons-grade, appropriate for an atomic bomb.

Otherwise, Iran accepted on Aug. 26 during the first visit to Tehran by IAEA Director General, Rafael Grossi, to permit access for UN inspectors to two sites suspected that host uranium conversion and nuclear testing activities. Whereas, the IAEA reports that it has the right to investigate such sites without any permission, while Iran opposed as at least certain information about them came from many documents on its past activities that the main Middle East adversary of Tehran, Israel, declared that it took inside Iran.

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