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Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed praised the leadership of Saudi Arabia of the G-20

The UAE Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, reported on Thursday that the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia have long historical and strategic relations that persist to become stronger.

Sheikh Abdullah also declared that the UAE-Saudi relations are a great example of how relations should be between Arab states. He said that the relationship between the two Gulf nations would provide for a more brilliant future in the region. He also lauded the leadership of Saudi Arabia of the G-20 and its efforts to fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

The comments of Sheikh Abdulla came during a gathering of the foreign ministers of G20 countries; they have discussed the reopening borders and improving international collaboration on economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. Moreover, Saudi Arabia is the current president of the G20 that includes the US, EU, UK, China, India, and Russia.

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