Iraqi political blocs call for an end to all forms of field escalation

The final statement of the meeting of political blocs in Iraq on Wednesday called for stopping all forms of field escalation and the need to protect institutions.

“The meeting of the leaders of the political forces comes up with five recommendations”, the statement said.

“The attendees expressed their commitment to national principles”, the statement said, calling on the Sadr movement to engage in national dialog.

The statement stressed the need ‏to resolve all crises through dialog, adding, “Resorting to early elections again is not an exceptional event”.

He also called for an end to all forms of escalation on the ground and the need to protect state institutions.

The statement also said that the meeting agreed to continue the national dialog in order to develop a legal and constitutional roadmap to address the current crisis.

On Wednesday, leaders of Iraqi political blocs held a meeting at the government palace at the invitation of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi in the center of the Sadrist movement’s province=

“The leaders of the political blocs started a meeting at the government palace in Baghdad at the invitation of the prime minister yesterday”, an informed source told the Iraqi News Agency.

The Sadrist movement, however, announced it would not participate in the political dialog called for by the Iraqi prime minister.

On Tuesday, Al-Kadhimi invited leaders of national political forces to a meeting at the government palace to begin a national dialog. He noted that this invitation stems from the shared national responsibility that unites Iraqis on the principle of preserving Iraq’s unity, security, and stability.

In an official statement, Al-Kadhimi called on all national parties to stop the popular and media escalation and give sufficient space to the intermediate proposals; to take their place in the national debate, amid a deep political crisis that prevented the election of a prime minister or president.

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