Italy Commends Progress and Stability in Morocco Under the Leadership of King Mohammed VI

The Italian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs considers Morocco an exceptional partner in all fields

Italy seeks to enhance cooperation with Morocco in various areas, praising the scale of development, growth, and stability achieved by the Kingdom in recent years under the enlightened leadership of King Mohammed VI, as Italian-Moroccan relations reach their peak.

Italian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Edmondo Cirielli, commended the progress and stability enjoyed by the Kingdom thanks to the visionary leadership of King Mohammed VI, during a meeting in Rome on Thursday on the theme “The Mediterranean Facing New Challenges,” organized by the Calabria-Rome-Europe Foundation in collaboration with the municipality of Rome and the Moroccan embassy in Italy. He emphasized that thanks to the leadership of King Mohammed VI, Morocco enjoys stability and progress.

Due to Morocco’s achievements in several fields, the Italian official stated that Italy considers Morocco an “exceptional partner in all fields,” noting that the quality of this partnership has encouraged many Italian companies to establish themselves in the Kingdom as part of the globalization of their activities, and prompted Morocco to be chosen among priority countries to benefit from the Mattei plan.

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni announced a multi-billion-dollar investment plan to expand Rome’s impact in African countries, aiming to reduce illegal immigration.

As a result of this plan, Italian-Moroccan relations have strengthened, with Moroccan Prime Minister Aziz Akhannouch, during his participation at the beginning of the year in the “Italy-Africa… A Bridge to Shared Growth” summit in Rome, stating that the Italian side is interested in investing in his country, especially in the field of renewable energies.

Cirielli added that “the choice fell on Morocco because it is a country that enjoys a high level of development and because it possesses the necessary capabilities to play the role of a locomotive and a model for other countries.”

On his part, the president of the Gioia Tauro Port Authority, Admiral Andrea Agostinelli, emphasized the importance of the Tanger-Med port as a “major structural landmark,” noting that this level “was reached thanks to the visionary outlook of King Mohammed VI, who understood the importance of Morocco’s strategic position in maritime connectivity, by providing it with a port capable of taking the lead in the Mediterranean region.”

The Italian admiral explained that the success of Tanger-Med lies in its design as an integrated project and ecological system combining port and industrial logistic services, stating that this infrastructure could serve as a model for Italy.

For his part, the Moroccan ambassador to Rome, Youssef Bella, stated that “thanks to the visionary outlook of King Mohammed VI, Morocco has made the Mediterranean one of the determinants of its foreign policy, allowing it to address several challenges by adopting a proactive and pragmatic approach,” stressing that “the Mediterranean faces challenges of various natures, particularly climate, energy, food, and security, confirming its importance as a strategic convergence region requiring close international cooperation.”

He emphasized that “to address these challenges, Morocco has based its action on guiding principles dictated by national priorities and regional and multilateral cooperation,” affirming that “his country enjoys broad esteem for its efforts in combating extremism, especially its comprehensive and multidimensional strategy, which has proven effective and is now adopted as a model by many countries.”

The ambassador stressed that “Morocco is distinguished by its exemplary regional cooperation in the fields of mobility and migration and is considered a credible partner, advocating principles of solidarity and shared responsibility in migration cooperation,” noting that “Rabat has begun the construction of the new ports of Nador West Mediterranean and Dakhla Atlantic, which will strengthen with Tanger-Med the country’s capacity to consolidate its position as a major maritime hub.”

He spoke about His Majesty the King’s Atlantic Initiative, which aims to strengthen the access of Sahel countries to the sea, in a broader vision of the Mediterranean space, saying “that Italy and Morocco, by working together, have the ability not only to address current challenges in the Mediterranean but also to strengthen their bilateral relations and contribute to the stability and prosperity of their neighborhood, working to make the Mediterranean a space of peace, prosperity, and cooperation.”

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