James Webb Observes the Big Bang… Lasting 200 Seconds

NASA, the American space agency, has released a new image captured by the James Webb Space Telescope of one of the most powerful explosions in the history of the universe.

This exceptional explosion occurred as a result of the merger of two neutron stars into one star, and scientists believe that this explosion could be a source of the basic chemicals that support life.

This explosion was observed by a variety of space and ground-based telescopes, including the James Webb Space Telescope. NASA scientists confirmed that this rare collision produced one of the brightest explosions in the universe, being a million times brighter than the brightness of the Milky Way galaxy.

This intense explosion lasted for more than 200 seconds, making it exceptional in terms of explosions resulting from the collision of neutron stars, which were previously believed to be impossible to see at such brightness.

After this massive explosion, scientists discovered a new chemical element called “tellurium,” which is one of the basic substances that contribute to supporting life on Earth.

This discovery may help in understanding how these substances are formed for the first time.

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