Khamenei Urges Continued Cooperation with Iraq After Raisi’s Era

Ali Khamenei affirms that Mohammad Mokhber will enhance cooperation with the Iraqi government following the same path taken by Raisi in recent years

During his meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani on Wednesday, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei emphasized the need to continue cooperation with Iraqi authorities as Iranian Vice President Mohammad Mokhber assumes the presidency.

Al-Sudani, along with several Arab leaders, is visiting Iran to participate in the funeral of Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi and his companions following the crash of their helicopter in the northwest of the country.

Khamenei added, “Mohammad Mokhber will work to enhance cooperation with the Iraqi government following the same path taken by Raisi in recent years.”

He continued, “We have lost a remarkable personality. Mr. President was a very kind brother, a competent, devoted, and serious official,” adding, “According to the constitution, Mohammad Mokhber has a great responsibility and will continue the path of cooperation with the Iraqi government.”

For his part, the Iraqi Prime Minister appreciated the cooperation between his country and Iran in various fields, saying, “Iraq has seen nothing but sincerity, dedication, purity, work, and service from the late Iranian president.”

He stressed that “the image of the crowds we saw on television today is a clear message that reflects the depth and strength of the relationship between the people and the officials of the Islamic Republic despite all the pressures and sanctions.”

He added, “The other message of the presence of millions of people at the funeral is that we must serve this people, and this impressive funeral is the result of that service. This lesson should be our main topic in Iraq.”

Observers believe that Iranian policy in Iraq will not change with Raisi’s death, as Khamenei controls political decisions, and thus the Iraqi state will remain subject to Iranian desires and ambitions.

Tehran holds many cards of influence in Iraq, whether through political forces represented in the Coordination Framework or armed militias integrated into the Popular Mobilization Forces.

The Popular Mobilization Forces offered their condolences for the death of Raisi and several of his companions. The head of the PMF, Faleh al-Fayyad, said in his condolence message, “We remember here men who dedicated themselves to truth, defending the oppressed, and protecting the causes of the nation.”


It is expected that the level of cooperation between Iraqi militias and the Revolutionary Guards will continue at the same pace until the presidential elections in June next year, which are unlikely to change Iranian policies in Iraq or the region in general.

Mohammad Mokhber, who holds two PhDs in international law and management, is a close associate of Raisi, who selected him as vice president. He was previously the head of the “Execution of Imam Khomeini‘s Order,” a non-governmental institution focused on charitable affairs, which he managed from July 15, 2007, to August 8, 2021.

He also held the positions of executive vice president and managing director of Khuzestan Telecommunications Company, managing director of Dezful Telecommunications Company, deputy minister of commerce and transportation for the Foundation of the Deprived, and deputy governor of Khuzestan.

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