Launch of a New Alliance for Muslims in Europe… What Are Its Main Objectives?

Muslims in Europe have formed a new alliance aimed at addressing the growing challenges faced by the followers of the most prevalent religion in the world, as pressures on them have increased recently from some governments and far-right parties.

The Agence France-Presse (AFP) reported that the “Alliance of Mosques, Associations, and Muslim Leaders in Europe” held its first session on Saturday in Paris after months of work. This alliance, called “AMAL,” aims to promote and disseminate the values of “moderate Islam” and combat discrimination against Muslims, according to its organizers. It was officially launched on October 7 in Paris with the participation of personalities and Muslim leaders from 17 countries.

The rector of the Grand Mosque of Paris, Chems-Eddine Hafiz, stated that the goal is “to unify voices and efforts among Muslim institutions and leaders in Europe, to promote the bright side of Islam as a message of peace, to protect the dignity and citizenship of European Muslims, as well as to enhance better coexistence and support the common good among the various components of the continent’s societies.”

Hafiz, who chairs the alliance, added that “the lack of coordination among Islamic institutions weakens our scope of action and our voices, which is necessary.” He continued, saying that “this creates voids where all forms of extremism thrive,” noting that he “perceives an increase in misunderstanding, bigotry, and racism through political movements and media.”

The alliance brings together “those close to what the Grand Mosque of Paris represents, namely the Sunni Maliki school,” while acknowledging that “there are many schools,” affirming that “the doors are wide open,” according to the agency’s report quoting Hafiz.

On his part, the vice president of the alliance and the Secretary-General of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany, Abdel-Samad Al-Yazidi, said that “our role is to mobilize people to participate in voting” in the face of the far-right which wants “to overturn the values upon which European countries are founded.”

There are other representative associations of Muslims, such as the Council of European Muslim Leaders, which seek to combat Islamophobia and change the stereotypical image of Muslims in Europe and the West.

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