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LGBT demonstrations in Qatar ignite public anger; Details

Despite the trading of Qatari channels in rejecting homosexuality and its slogans, a surprising decision by the International Federation of Football (FIFA) shocked observers, as it confirmed during the statement that fans were allowed to enter the logo of the rainbow colors supporting homosexuality and other purposes that were prohibited from entering the Qatar 2022 World Cup stadiums.

LGBT demonstrations in Qatar ignite public anger; Details
LGBT demonstrations in Qatar ignite public anger; Details

LGBT demonstrations

The sources indicated that homosexuals have been persecuting Qatar and are gathering in its streets, which has been met with rejection and anger from the Qatari people. Recently, the International Soccer Federation (FIFA) announced that LGBT flags will be allowed to be carried in the second round of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, according to the British Independent newspaper. The newspaper explained that Qatar gave assurances to the International Federation on this issue after a series of demands on wearing homosexual badges raised by European teams, and a number of countries and politicians, as well as European sports federations, criticized Qatar’s ban on wearing homosexual badges during the games; FIFA has threatened countries violating the ban with sports sanctions.

The second round is different

The Qatari security refused the entry of an American journalist to the Ahmed bin Ali Al Mondiali Stadium, wearing the LGBT flag, to attend the Wales-America match, as part of the first round of group games of the Qatar 2022 World Cup. The American journalist posted his picture on his official Twitter account on the social networking site, his outside the stadium, because the stadium security refused to enter the match. Also, a person who broke into the Portugal-Uruguay Stadium, carrying a gay flag and wearing a shirt with expressions of support for Iranian women and the Ukrainian people, was punished by being prevented from entering the rest of the World Cup matches Coming Days in This Tournament,” Western media confirmed that Qatar will comply with FIFA’s decisions starting from the next round, which will see the presence of anti-homosexual flags in the stadiums, out of fear of the application of sanctions against it.

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